Christopher Bacon Games/Commercial Showreel 2015


00:00 – 00:24 – Grey Goo Cinematic – Animation on top of Raw Motion Capture, Polish on Facial Animation for all the characters as well as re-positioning the characters to better work with camera and environment.

00:25 – 00:34 – Crackdown for XBOX ONE E3 Trailer – Character Animation Only Shot in black and white only there to show continuity – Hand Keyed

00:34 – 00:40 – Disney Adventure Kinect Cinematic – Character Animation all hand Keyed

00:40 – 00:42 – Commercial – Bee Hand Keyed

00:43 – 00:46 – Kinectimals with Bears Cinematic – Character animation Hand Keyed

00:47 – 00:49 – Crackdown E3 Trailer – Hand Keyed Character Animation

00:50 – 00:58 – Honda Hands Commercial – Hand Keyed animation interacting with Live Action Hands

00:59 – 01:03 – Bee Commercial Hand Keyed

01:04 – 01:14 – Cinematic from Disney Adventure and Kinectimals, Hand Keyed character/creature animation

01:15 – 01:25 – Grey Goo Cinematic – Hand Keyed over Raw Motion Capture, Refining Facial Animation, All Characters

01:26 – 01:51 – Personal Work – Rigs provided by, Responsible for all Visuals with exception of painted background..

***Note*** Grey Goo sequece may have been worked on by other animators prior to final render, but as far as I can tell they look the same as when I ended at Axis.

***Note*** Shots in grey scale are for continuity.


All new Crackdown for Xbox One!

The long-awaited new instalment of a gaming favourite! Microsoft is bringing a whole new meaning to open world gaming and Axis has had the joy of bringing that vision to life in our brand new trailer for Crackdown on Xbox One.

The Agency is back and it’s time to show what new tricks they have up their nano-tech sleeves. The reveals will blow you away….!

Director Stephen Donnelly worked closely with the Art and Design team on the game to create a unique visual style that’s simply stunning. This feast for the eyes will set your heart racing and move you to the edge of your seat as our highly choreographed chain of events unfolds and defies expectations…..

It’s bigger, it’s better and it’s new and exclusive for Xbox One.

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