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0:00 – Intro
0:23 – Magic Spoon Sponsor
2:06 – The Rice Cake Sandwich
4:21 – Ravioli Burrito
7:08 – The Triwich
8:36 – Powerade Pasta
10:53 – Shakey Cheese Pasta
12:42 – MacDaddy Grilled Cheese
14:36 – Orange Chicken Dino Nuggets
16:05 – Bagel Bite Nuggie Boiga
18:03 – Painrrito
20:50 – Shitrrito
22:27 – End

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Comment (23)

  1. ive eaten buttered noodles every single day for the last 2 weeks at 3am. i am offended that someone would even consider buttered noodles bad. ty for standing up for me and my financial instability

  2. #1 was literally what Norwegian airline gave me as a gluten-free option for breakfast on a transcontinental flight. Except the rice cakes were soggy and it was ham and swiss. No butter. Nothing else. Thanks, Norwegian.

  3. I like rice cakes. I don't pretend they're anything but what they are, but it's kind of like a neutral popcorn ball. Excellent vehicle for peanut butter.

  4. So, actually that blue powerade pasta was made by some italian guys. They have a youtube channel called SpaceValley and those four photos are bts frames from one of their videos (check it out “Pasta cotta nelle bibite”). Big part of their main content is creating weird food combinations and in that one video specifically they cook noodles in different beverages. That’s it, I just needed to give them some recognition

  5. Just cooked me up a steak that was gonna expire in 15 mins. Not too bad. Little sour. Just a bit. Stomach is ok, but I've been farting since the first bite. I've digested meat that could have easily been shipped from Chernobyl, so it shouldn't bug me that bad. 7/10

  6. I'm brazilian, sorry for bad english. Always when there are fried fish fillets left over I like to make a sandwich.
    I spread mayonnaise on the bread and slice pickles to eat along with the fish. My friends are very prejudiced about what the sandwich tastes like, but I have always found it delicious.


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