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  1. I think this is also such a great scene because it’s not just hilarious, it’s also fun for us as an audience to see them figure it out and start to improv something that is actually, really, pretty fucking catchy.

    It’s not just funny, it’s that we are so invested in the characters that we feel as though we want our friends to do well while watching them attempt things like this, and when it actually starts to look up, it adds to the joy of the scene. It literally ends on a high note!

    It’s good writing, great acting/improv skills/teamwork, and knowing when to end a bit. Nothing in Sunny goes on too long, typically. I feel like other shows would have potentially fucked this up somewhere alone the line, wanting to maintain the “high” of the scene.

    But the way this all comes together in the episode is fantastic, and if anyone out there still hasn’t watched Always Sunny, please do yourself a favour and check out at least a “best episodes” list or a beginner’s guide and see if it’s for you.

    It’s a great example of a comedy series done correctly, and you can see things evolve and change at the same time.

    Plus, Danny DeVito. C’monnnnn. You know you wanna get in this! Get in here! C’mon, c’mon, it’s gonna be real bitchin’. Promise. We got riot juice and everything.


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