Factory Tour of Log Furniture Manufacturer Lakeland Mills, Inc

In this video Jason with JHE’s Log Furniture Place www.logfurnitureplace.com drives up to our co-owned family’s factory – Lakeland Mills, Inc www.lakelandmills.com where my brother Josh gives us a tour of our factory. Along the way Josh points out some steps in the construction of our extremely comfortable contoured comfort log swings, log chairs, and other outdoor log furniture. He also takes us over to show us the area where our artisans hand craft our new unique Cedar Lake collection of rustic furniture. A new line of rustic furniture custom built using only solid materials. No thin veneers will be found in our Cedar Lake collection.

JHE’s and Lakeland Mills together have been offering an online log furniture shopping experience like no other for well over a decade now. With exceptional customer service, only quality cabin furniture and log furniture, low prices, friendly and helpful staff, free shipping, etc. Come see for yourself why JHE’s online log furniture store is know as the place for log furniture.

Come visit our factory Lakeland Mills, Inc in Edmore Michigan and shop at our factory outlet store. Quality furniture and amazing prices await you.

Or make a day of it with your family, Call ahead and schedule a tour of Lakeland Mills (800.427.5136) and see how log furniture is made first hand. Tour the factory, bring a picnic and eat on one of our log picnic tables and then browse our factory outlet store full of comfortable log chairs, log swings, and classic log beds.

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