Food Chains Compilation: Crash Course Kids

Maybe you’d like to just hear about one topic for a while. We understand. So today, let’s just watch some videos about how we get energy. And how one animal gets energy from another animal, or a plant. It’s all about food chains and food webs in this Crash Course Kids Compilation. Enjoy, Like, Share, and Subscribe! 🙂

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Producer & Editor: Nicholas Jenkins
Cinematographer & Director: Michael Aranda
Host: Sabrina Cruz
Script Supervisor: Mickie Halpern
Writer: Allyson Shaw, Shelby Alinsky, and Jen Szimanski
Executive Producers: John & Hank Green
Consultant: Shelby Alinsky
Script Editor: Blake de Pastino

Thought Cafe Team:
Stephanie Bailis
Cody Brown
Suzanna Brusikiewicz
Jonathan Corbiere
Nick Counter
Kelsey Heinrichs
Jack Kenedy
Corey MacDonald
Tyler Sammy
Nikkie Stinchcombe
James Tuer
Adam Winnik

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Comment (44)

  1. Owo nice tips for food chains I mean I guess ur teaching those kids in school who need to learn about food chains all though I'm what food chains are yeah no joke I bet you that there's a bunch of ppl out there who don't understand food chains but this teaches kids

  2. Part of this is wrong. The energy from the plants is wrong. The plant keeps 10% of the energy. So, for example, lets say a plant has 1000 energy. Then an animal comes and eats it. The animal now only has 100 energy.

  3. Terrible model using fertilizer as "food". Plants get food from fixing carbon using sunlight. Energy (as indicated in the leadup to the experiment) is NOT acquired from nitrogen and phosphorous in fertilizer, but from sunlight. Missed a great chance to teach accurate science and instead contributed to misconception. Great show but a shame to reinforce misconception


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