Food Delivery in Korea

Food Delivery in Korea

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  1. Delivery charge? How the hell would delivery be so cheap as well? AND they have to pick the dishes up again? How is that even profitable for the restaurant?

  2. whoa that was some fancy delivery. typically you dont get a box but just a plastic bag to put all the leftovers in. And not all delivery picks up stuff after you’re done. But when they do it really saves a lot of sanity.

  3. lived in Korea for 2 years a while back. I’m honestly disappointed in the use of saran wrap. I would have expected them to completely move to have everything reusable..altho the storage space for the containers would be hell in a place like Korea.

  4. That same sort of system was also in place in the 1800’s with lemonade etc. You’d buy a (ceramic) bottle, and then you return it, and get your deposit back.

  5. I don’t know where OP lives, but it’s not all so amazing as the video shows.

    Korea’s food delivery game is super top tier. Everyone delivers. Even McDonald’s deliver. And no delivery charge or tips. There’s coupon books and food delivery apps, it’s great.

    Some restaurants do shady stuff to stay competitive in a very, *very* competitive food delivery market. Food prices are high compared to the minimum wage (6USD). There are cheap food in Korea, but they’re often carb bombs or soup based dish (which can be made inexpensively at a large batch). OP’s food for example, looks a decent value at $15. But it also looks like dish without nearly any animal protein (maybe bibimbap). In fact, beef is so expensive in Korea that a lot of people can only eat them in special occasions or never. You will find that the quality food prices in Korea easily matches or more than that of Canada, which nearly doubles their minimum wage. And food in Canada is very expensive compared to US.

  6. Kind of offtopic but imagine if the war broke out again between North and South Korea and the north somehow is very successful and marching in and taking ground in South Korea then they start seeing the extreme amount of food which is in the supermarkets all over the place and all the food stores compared to their home. I feel like there is a book to be written here :p

  7. Hey OP. Probably not your video and I know it’s over a year old but the dude’s phone number and address are clearly displayed here. Might wanna watch that.

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  9. This is awesome but sounds like a horrible business model as paying the salary of a delivery driver just to recover dishes HAS to be higher than the cost of disposables. Unless they only deliver within a 3 minute walking distance or get a TON of business.

  10. It’s obvious this is South Korea but I still feel it should be the norm to state that it is S. Korea in the title. A potential North Korea food delivery video would be a totally different type of interesting.

  11. Living in Korea, I can get literally anything delivered to my door. I can go to work, buy groceries online and it will be outside my door when I get home. Convenience is amazing in Korea!


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