Food Evolution

Amidst a brutally polarized debate marked by passion, suspicion and confusion, FOOD EVOLUTION, by Academy Award®-nominated director Scott Hamilton Kennedy (The Garden, Fame High, OT: Our Town), explores the controversy surrounding GMOs and food. Traveling from Hawaiian papaya groves, to banana farms in Uganda to the cornfields of Iowa, the film, narrated by esteemed science communicator Neil deGrasse Tyson, wrestles with the emotions and the science driving one of the most heated arguments of our time.

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  1. It is a mystery why so many people choose to believe anti-GMO propaganda, rather than scientific facts. Unfortunately this film will not make one iota of difference to them.

  2. it INFURIATES me to see this filmmaker showing the Ugandan boy with a tattered shirt and food around his face as if we are waiting for the white man to feed us, and are inversely correlated with the white man's actions and pity. STOP IT. We are tired of your bull crap and misrepresentation of us, you've skewed the view of us through your filthy, racist, bias filtered glasses. STOP IT NOW

  3. Wow this is totally the wrong thing we need right now. More propoganda designed to push a national interest industry. This is not SCIENCE, this is NOT SCIENCE. There are scientific studies that are 100 percent per reviewed that this movie claims is bad science and the claims only monstanto paid studies are ‘proper science’. That is not science that is appeal to authority bs.THIS IS NOT SCIENCE

  4. [Insert naturalistic fallacy here]
    [Insert organic doesn't use pesticides here]
    [Cite obviously biased source here]
    [Call a shill]
    [Enjoy your poison]
    [Insert something about god here]
    [Misspell glyphosate]
    [Science has been wrong before]
    [Cite cherry picked/disproved study here]

  5. There are lots of published documents, research articles proves that GMOs is not safe for human, animals an the Environment. I dont think that this Film is independent when it says :: I don’t have a problem if Monsanto or Whole Foods funds a study. I have a problem if Monsanto or Whole Foods says, “This is the result we’d like to see from this study.” That’s where the fail happens. The same thing happens with me as a filmmaker. I don’t really care who funds my movies as long as I have the independence to tell the truth as best I can, just like an independent scientist.: I cant believe that Monsanto will fund you unless you prove that GMO it safe? I am sure they will never support independent study that will reveals GMO is not safe. this paragraph is enough for me to accept that this film is independent? because it ignores all those documents about danger of GMOs. As an expert in the filed of Genetic engineering I assure you that there are tremendous molecular evidence that GMOs are not safe. so if you are not Expert in the Filed of GE belive me this film is Pro GMOs and I am concern about above paragraph. There is not even single independent study funded by Monsanto or other GMO company that might prove GMO is not safe. So be careful and read and see other documentaries on GMOs like : Altered Genes, Twisted Truth, Food INC, Seeds of death, Seeds of Deception, The World According To Monsanto, GMO: Lies and Truth and finally read research papers about dangers of GMOs here : then you can judge about GMOs.

  6. This is such an important topic in modern agriculture that impacts all of society. So why isn't this an accesible movie for all to view? The scientific viewpoint is already difficult to communicate and limiting its broad viewership just perpetuates the problem.

  7. This is an incredibly important movie. This not only reaffirmed my support for GE foods but created great sympathy for those in developing countries that are denied this technology due to legislation enacted based on fear and misinformation.
    The most striking parts:
    A banana farmer in Uganda where her crops are being devastated by disease is shown a GE version that is surviving the blight but is then told she can not get the technology for 2-4 years due to legislation against it. Heartbreaking.
    Another is a former anti-GMO activist that used to destroy test crops but converted once he finally decided to view the science and now speaks in favor of GM crops. Science FTW.
    Finally, an anti-GMO activist that states she trusts facebook posts by moms over scientists and doctors and she has millions of followers. Scary.
    It is a very balanced movie, showing both sides of the debate, that i highly recommend to anyone that is either against GE products or sitting on the fence because they do not fully understand it. The truth is that there are millions of starving people in the world and organic farming is unsustainable to feed so many. We all want the same thing: to be able to feed everyone in a safe and environmentally sound way. Do yourself a favor and get the facts about how our food is produced and what is best for all of us. #factsnotfear


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