Foods That Heal & Foods That Kill

Foods That Heal & Foods That Kill

Find what foods may be beneficial and what foods may be detrimental to your health!

Backwards Society- the media is covering information- we are selling cancer.
We are renaming diseases in order to create a different twist on an old disease. The legal system is creating diseases.
Doctors are handing out all sorts of pills and not assessing the problems.

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  1. He was making some sense, until he came to "prayer and meditation"! at 4O:2O ; Dr,what the hell was that about? do you still think the same way,today?! If that were the case,all prisons would be full of healthy persons!

  2. Thanks John …..for being real. I know people expect if you practice what you preach …you should be a model …the idea of looking fit and perfect. I know what kind of stress people like you go through. Good luck dealing with those that will try and hurt you …I love guys like …in fact I love humans like you. Pray for this guy you have no idea what he deals with. He is offering you something that is priceless … His knowledge and hard work in research is a testament he gives more than a god dam. He cares …So for all you guys that are critical of what he is telling you ….you have no idea how right he is. This knowledge is worth more than you can imagine …Its priceless.

  3. Appreciate the good info but hard to fully appreciate the info from an overweight/obese person preaching health. No offense but u look like everyone else who eats gmo foods, sugar, and other toxic foods.

  4. YOURE SO RIGHT ABOUT FORGETTING MATERIAL IN CLASSES! I just try to make it through classes and I'm a junior in undergrad college. They didn't even get in-depth with much of the biology and anatomy classes I've taken.

  5. Seriously!
    Why do you promote the killing of animals when we can live perfectly healthy without slaughtering these innocent beings. 65 Billion Animals are slaughtered every year for our tastebuds. 70 percent of crops grown in the USA are used to feed the animals we breed to eat, not to mention the amount of water used and the amount of pollution caused.
    A lot of doctors have turned vegan because the can see the health benefits of not eating meat.
    Doctor Gregor, Dr Michael Klapper etc.
    Check it out, You won’t regret it. All the best and have a great day. ???

  6. Do you have a reputable source for the presence of peanut oil in vaccines? I am seeing that this is false in my research.

    You really can't afford to use false information in your attempts to challenge the paradigm. I believe in a holistic approach to health, but making inaccurate statements and using false information to build your arguments damages the perception of the validity of your approach.

  7. I love to listen to you…I've got so many serious illness an know very little about medicine..ive given up for good 76 so im just too old to bother with at this stage..i do stay away from meds an watch my weight…i take horrible hydrocodone but it frees me from horrible pain..thats all i not going to do 25 pills an. more surgery..nope…you make me feel better an hopeful…wish you were my dr…you would cure me for sure…oh yes…have a greatest day ever!!.??


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