Freedom Outdoor Furniture (8 Minutes 33 Seconds)

Shot & Edited by Ben Schreiner
Executive Producer – Christopher Freeman


Our maintenance-free furniture is like no other outdoor furniture you’ve ever owned!

Approximately 94% of the material is from recycled High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), or recycled gallon milk and water jugs. The remaining 6% is color and UV Stabilizer.

The furniture is made to withstand the extremes in climates. Whether you live in the freezing cold of Minnesota, the dry desert of Arizona or sunny Florida our furniture is made to last a lifetime.

HDPE is a naturally flexible polymer and molds to your body for exceptional comfort; yet it’s warranted not to crack, break, splinter or peel because it won’t breakdown or become brittle from the sun or cold temperatures. It is actually a wood substitute, making it as dense as wood and approximately 20% heavier than cedar — without the maintenance.

Unlike most other plastics, the material used to fabricate the furniture is considered colorfast. It will not fade more than 4% over a 10 year period; a color change that is probably not noticeable to the human eye. The color runs throughout each piece and has a UV-inhibitor incorporated into the material to minimize the chance of fading or yellowing.

All of our furniture is hand-crafted when you order. We will make any piece in any of our 7 complimentary colors selections.

It is guaranteed for 25 years to never crack, rot, splinter or peel.

We are proud to say that our furniture is manufactured in the USA.

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