German Food & What You Should Eat in Germany

Heading to Deutschland/Germany & Wondering What Wonderful Food You Will Be Eating There? Well, Now you can know some of our favorite German foods, drink and treats. From Schweinhaxe (pig knuckle) to Apfelstrudel we give you a quick break down of some of the best German food to eat whether you are visiting Munich for Oktoberfest, Berlin for the Christmas Markets or Cologne for Carneval.
Filmed in Bamberg, Germany
Copyright Mark Wolters 2016

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Comment (28)

  1. Good video. My Mom is German and we lived there in the 70's but we've been in the states for 40 years now. Although she makes most of these foods, I've never heard of a couple of them and would love to try them. I plan on asking her if she can make them. She probably forgot about some of them herself.

  2. You are completely right, eith everything you mention, but just in the very South. Ask for that in the West or the North,…… nobody will know. It gives a delicious pic about Germany which is not 100%true.I'm German from the South West, and I haven't eaten all these delicious stuff.

  3. Sauerkraut here (good joke :D),
    just to make things clear: "Spätzle" is not made out of potatoes. If someone visits germany and likes beef try a "Zwiebelrostbraten" -it is awesome 😀 otherwise nice collection of food. Now im hungry^^

  4. I don't think calling a kebab German food is correct. What you described is the typical gyro or chicken shwarma found in middle eastern eateries.

  5. Gasthaus Schlenkerla was where my Opa used to hang out in Bamberg. Visited here about 10 years ago. Love the Rauchbier and the food there. Bamberg is beautiful and has a great beer museum. The people are so friendly and I had the best time in Bavaria.

  6. fine by me,hehe…go to Germany evry 2 yrs to see mommy,love southern germany ,although the CITY and only the CITY of Berlin compares..this is personal opinion of course!.Safe travels everyone


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