Great Depression Cooking – Cooked Bread

I found the secret recipes from my favorite restaurants so I can easily cook them myself. Over 700 of them! Check them out here:

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  1. I love this series! i have been sharing her videos with my friends on Facebook. Many of her meals my Mom, aunts and orher relatives have made and i have memories growing up with. I eas born long agyer the depression but my parents were minds in the latter part and through rationing in WWII do many of these dishes strile gamiiar chords. RIP Miss Clara.

  2. Well, there goes the theory that it's dangerous to use aluminum pots!  She lived to be 95, or close to it, was still using aluminum and still had all her faculties and physical abilities, from the looks of it!

  3. My Dad told us all about some of the meals they had back then and was telling us how they ate a lot of cornbread and molasses…his Mom would either mix and egg into the molasses or butter, depending on what she had the most of…of course they raised their own chickens and cows too, so that helped with food for them too. They were poor though and lived over in the eastern part of Kentucky…Dad's father had died when he was just 4, so back then most women would marry again, if for no other reason than someone to help them raise all their children, so his mom did remarry a year or so after losing that first husband.


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