Gulab Jamun Recipe Video – Indian Recipes by Bhavna

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  1. hi madam, i tried your recipe, the recipe in itself is quiet good, and they actually tastes well, but they were too hard and didn't turned out soft, what actually went wrong as you see i managed the temperature and tried my best to make them exactly the way you did. what should i do to make them softer

  2. good evening mam, i tried your recipe at home, but they turn out too hard, what actually went wrong according to you and how to prevent it from getting as hard as stone the next time i try to cook them and also, what else we can use to replace milk powder

  3. hi bhavna thank you so much for this recipe. i am so much in love with your efforts in your cooking. i have made gulab jamun with so many recipe but did not work for me and after i tried your recipe and at first time came out so nice that i am not buying instant mix anymore. thank you once again.


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