GUNNER Food Crate | Waterproof, Airtight, Rodent Proof Dog Food Storage | Overbuilt in the USA

The market’s best dog food storage container uses heavy-duty rotomolded construction and an airtight thermoplastic rubber gasket to seal in pet food freshness, guard against pests and defend against moisture. If you’re looking for the toughest dog food bin ever made, you’ve found it.

Built with the same principles as our G1™ kennel series, the GUNNER Food Crate has a IP67 rating, meaning it is waterproof and dust proof. It’s also odor proof. This dog food storage solution is Overbuilt in the USA™ and its features provide extreme durability and a fortress-like protection against pests, locking in odor and defending dinner against outside agitators like raccoons, rats and ants. Comes with a lifetime warranty. We consider this food crate to be #DesignedForEverywhere.

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