Healthy Food Vs Junk Food Song!

A food song for kids! Do you like broccoli? Do you like chocolate? Teach and learn food names, and the difference between healthy food and junk food! Great for children, babies, toddlers, ESL students, and adults, too! 🙂 Who wins in the battle of the foods!? Learn the words: broccoli, salad, fish, eggs, nuts, yogurt, fruit, cheese, rice, beans, water, chocolate bars, apple pie, chips, cookies, fudge, soda, fries, hot dog, churros, candy, pizza, cheese, fast food.

Music and animation written, performed, and made by Adam Williams-Walters.
Copyright 2016 Adam Williams-Walters/English Tree TV, All rights reserved.


Do you like healthy food? Or do you like junk food?
Do you like healthy food? Or do you like junk food?

I like chocolate bars! And I like apple pie!
I like chips and cookies! And I like salty fries!!

But healthy food makes you strong
Healthy food makes you fast!
Junk food it makes you weak,
Junk food makes you big and fat

I don’t care about that! I’ll have a pizza please!
And ill take some soda! And some extra cheese!

But healthy food helps you grow, Healthy food is good for you
Junk food it makes you soft, junk food it makes you slow

But I like fudge and churros! I like candy too!
I like hot dogs! I like fast food!

Eating all this junk food! Makes me feel alive!
But as the time goes by, I feel like I could cry!

Too much junk food in you…
And now you cant even, move
You know that it’s good for you,
Why did you avoid, the healthy food?

Why’d I eat the junk food!? I want fish and eggs!
I love nuts and yogurt! I love fruit and veg!

I love cheese and broccoli! I love rice and beans!
I love ice water! And salad that is green!

And sometimes I’ll eat junk food! But I won’t forget!
Only eat a little bit and get more healthy food!


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