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Creative Agency : JL DESIGN
Creative Director : JL 羅申駿
Executive Producer : Angela Moo 巫安琪
Project Manager : Eric Tsao曹天旂
Production Assistant : Ryan Lin 林志翰
Art Director : Lance Wei 魏良恩
Designer : Keat Leong

Line Producer: Pan Huang黃緯豪
Assistant producer: Dang Jhe Chen陳登哲/ Meng Ting Lin林孟廷
Art Director: 查克
DOP: Zan Qin Wong王贊欽
1st Assistant Camera: Quan Fu Hong 洪詮富
Gaffer: Ming Zhe Song宋明哲
Stylist: Ling Lin林翎
Make Up: Ni Jiang江妮
Hair Stylist: 咪亞

Post Production
VFX / Design company : WeFX STUDIO
CG Lead: Alpha Yang楊新林
CG Artist: Zang S.Chang陳正祥
On-Set Supervisor : Menghan Ho何孟翰/ Seadog Tso左志中
R&D: Mile Chang張維倉
Match Mover: Jack Yu游永杰/ Menghan Ho何孟翰/ Matthew Lin林彥維
CG artist: Kevin Huang黃啟銘/ Taylor Lin林子傑/ Han Lee李翰宇
Compositing Lead : Seadog Tso左志中
Compositing Artist : Rex Hong洪鈺堂/ Bond Huang黃邦銓

Music: Free To Be Me/ Rob Rewes

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