Hot Ones with Tom Arnold

Hot Ones with Tom Arnold

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  1. Other guests just take bites of the wings, but wow, he just inhaled those things. He was so intoxicated on the hot sauce, he didn’t even notice he was bathing his last one with the Mega Death sauce.

  2. That James Cameron anecdote was great. Hearing how he had Tom’s back and even threatened Fox to take the movie to Paramount makes me like him even more. Jim Cameron… what a guy.

  3. Even though I don’t think this was the most interesting guest/interview in terms of content, I’m super satisfied with this episode because it’s the first one in a LONG time that we’ve seen someone actually dying on the wings and really feel it. This past season with the sauce switch ups I was feeling like maybe they made the line-up too easy because we haven’t really seen many people react like we used to in S1 and S2. but this episode made me happy that we can still get a good reaction out of some guests now and then

  4. There’s two kinds of tough people: people who don’t feel a lot of pain/are able to ignore pain from painful things (Sean), and people who feel a lot of pain and keep going anyway (Tom Arnold). Not sure which is more boss, but mad respect to both.

  5. Grew up in Ottumwa where Tom is from. His mention of The Canteen is very true, they make the best “Cheese Canteens”, just essentially a loose meat sandwich with onion, pickle, ketchup, mustard and cheese. Used to get that and a root beer float all the time.

    Disagree with the best taco pizza though. Nobody beats Casey’s Taco pizza.

  6. My buddies mom was friends with Tom Arnold growing up. She would tell us stories about her dad saying, “Stay away from that Tom Arnold guy.”

  7. Because of this interview I’m watching True Lies… He is such a great addition to that movie. The “oh we still have to kill him” line had me laughing out loud in real life.

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  9. The pink lips, panting, and sweating are how you know the sauce is working it’s magic. Tom was boss.

    I split a bottle of that Mega Death with one of my pepperhead friends over the course of many meals and a little goes a long way, but it was fun to do when I was able to handle it without severe intestinal distress.

  10. Goddamn it, I love the Hot Ones interviews… but I kind of lost any liking for Tom Arnold after he was telling everyone during the election he had tapes of Donald Trump saying the worst and most outlandish racist shit ever… but didn’t want to release them.


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