Hotel Room Cooking: Steak with a Clothing Iron!

Mike and I are going to be on the road for the next few weeks and wanted to keep making exciting videos for you guys to enjoy but we don’t have the same kind of kitchen access. So, in the good Brothers Green spirit we are getting funktastic with our hotel rooms and cooking crazy meals you wouldn’t expect to see in a hotel, simple, delicious yet wild and crazy.

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  1. Will never get a true sear with it wrapped up.
    Dig it. But after 10-12 hours hard work in an un-air conditioned factory installing machinery, a bit too much work. But willing to take a queue from Sandra and make it semi-homemade.

  2. That's a lot like lighting a new firework you've never used and didn't realize it would be that LOUD! DAMMIT MIKE! BTW, there's a Moroccan Chicken (AlmazanKitchen) in the sidebar that looks criminally delicious! Have you tried it yet?

  3. Ever see the TV expose where they took a black light to hotel rooms? Imagine the tub and sink in the bathroom after he is through with the clean up. Bits of noodles, carrots and lettuce stuck in the drain traps . I can just imagine the colour of the toilet ring from all the left over sauce that got flushed down it. Anybody every see the program where they took a black light to hotel rooms???

  4. For the people that say that steak was raw: That steak was nearing medium well. I would love to see how far over cooked one the people who think medium well steak is still raw. They would probably take a piece of shoe leather drenched in A-1 and exclaim how incredibly tender and juicy this fillet is! xD

  5. If you are on road trip, perhaps trey using the car engine for cooking while driving? Maybe it could be used to boil or braise things in a container attached somewhere on or near the engine while driving… I seen it on tv, someone fried eggs on their car's engine in the middle of a desert..

  6. for a more well done steak simply cut the meat into thinner slices prior to cooking. it'll take a little longer since you'd have to Cooke each slice individually but it gets the job done ^^


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