How to Convert Recipes for Dutch Oven Cooking

How to Convert Recipes for Dutch Oven Cooking

Are you wondering how you convert a recipe for the conventional oven to a Dutch oven for outdoor cooking? We’ve got some tips for you to bake and cook any dish you want in a Dutch oven. With just a little practice and figuring out the basics, you’ll be easily able to bake anything outside that you can in a conventional oven.

Remember to just have fun and get the fire hot!

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Comment (47)

  1. Awesome info here! Many thanks for pointing me at it. The only thing I might question would be throwing away the watch. I've found if I don't pay attention to rotating the oven then lid every 10-15 min, I often get caught up with other tasks and totally forget. (now, that could be just me being an old, forgetful feller, but…) I had one side of a cobbler considerably more well done (tasted mostly ok) than the other, just a couple of weeks ago.

  2. just received my copy of a taste of cowboy here in the UK. love the videos love the book. I've even started using some of your recipes in the restaurant I work in that i call "Rollins specials " . cowboy cooking has been well received in the UK. Cheers Mr Rollins you a amazing inspiration

  3. Thoughts on using professional cake rounds as inserts? The last dutch oven cook off I witnessed (county fair) saw several cooks using these cake rounds as inserts for all the baked foods. One cook said they were moving to using inserts for all food as it saves on cleanup of the dutch oven. "The dutch oven becomes a true oven, not a cooking pot." this cook offered up.

  4. Great videos on the Dutch Oven cooking, but I seem to find many controversies from watching maybe too many other videos on the same topic. Good ol common sense and payin attention will keep ya outta hot water. I cook with mine directly on the ground actually my fire pit is lined with fire brick. I'm maybe a little more attentive to my cooking when doing so, but lovin it none the less. Y'all have some great recipes already tried a few. . .and lookin to try more. . .thanks.
    This is a new a fun game and who doesn't like to eat.
    The book and the trivets I take are for sale?

  5. I just got back from camping with family and friends… I posted a YouTube video on my channel about Camping Gear ideas… When I got to the camp kitchen I dropped your name for cast iron cooking, cleaning etc… " I promise you" lol
    Soon I will be buying a dutch oven…

  6. Just got back from a nine day camping trip with my wife,kids, and ten other families.
    Dutch oven cooking is so much fun when make the time for it. Huge breakfasts, lunches, dinners and desserts. Thanks for the video!

  7. i got carried away with cook talk, sorry, great job folks, keep up the good work, i can see the next show coming to hgtv, THE BACKYARD CHUCK WAGON WITH KENT AND SHANNON ROLLINS, keep up the good work and have fun, i bet yalls out takes are fun to watch.

  8. have you combined the lodge harvest stew and 5 Cornish game hens in a 14 shallow yet? oh man, keep the juice warm, when the kids were playing capture the flag us adults pored the juice over nacho. oh my that was good.

  9. when i was in scouts years ago we baked in dutch ovens as you do, we used soda pop caps as spacers between the pan and the oven, just think camping with a two layer HERSHEY'S Chocolate cake with Hershey bar powdered milk frosting.

  10. Hi Kent & Shannon 😀
    Do you sell your short and tall trivets? If so, could you provide a link? If you don't, could you please provide the length of the legs on both? LOVE your videos!!!!!!!
    Love & prayers <3 <3 <3


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