How to Cook Perfect Fluffy Scrambled Eggs

This is my no-fail technique for cooking perfect scrambled eggs.

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Comment (23)

  1. you have one of the very best Knife videos on the internet and complimented you properly. this is also a very well done video. thank you very much. beautiful voice and instructions are detailed. will continue to watch your videos.

  2. This lady knows what she is talking about. I like her. HEY LADY… YOU MARRIED?
    Retired "Old-fart" here who use to be a chef, and do as she says. DO NOT OVER STIR THE EGGS in the bowl! Yes, you DO want to incorporate the whites and yokes well, but as soon as you see this… STOP! The reason is simple; you want fluffy scrambled eggs, RIGHT? Then the way to achieve this is NOT to over-mix the them. Oh, and NEVER ADD MILK!!!
    When cooking, use very low heat. The slower you cook, the more the mixture will be ENTIRELY cooked, inside and out. And you don't want to MIX MIX MIX while cooking. Give a light stir, let the SLOWLY cook, stir again in a bit, and let them finish cooking.


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