How to Use Exodus on Kodi: Watch Free Movies & TV Shows (Made for my bro, McBroski – Love ya man!)

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This video guide and written tutorial show you How to use Exodus on Kodi. I made this video for my brother, “McBroski”, and his little dudes so they could watch movies in Exodus easily. So read the written directions below or use the video above to see how to stream movies in Exodus. If you don’t have Exodus installed, install it with this video.

How to Use Exodus on Kodi

1) In the Exodus main menu, you will see “Movies, TV Shows, My Movies” and other menu items.
2A) To watch a Movie, select Movies, then select a category under movies, such as Most Popular.
2B) Or, to watch a TV Show, select TV Shows, then select a category under TV Shows, like Most Popular.
2C) If you’d like to Search for a Movie, TV Show, or by Actor Name, choose Search from the bottom of the Exodus menu.
3) After you’ve located the Movie or TV Show you want to watch, select the Title or Icon of the Movie or TV Show to have Exodus “grab” the Sources from which you can stream the Movie or TV Show.
4) Now that Exodus has grabbed or “scraped” the Sources for your desired Movie or TV Show, Exodus will display the list of Sources on-screen. The resulting list of Sources is sorted by default to show the highest-definition movies first (1080P, or sometimes 4K).
5) Select a source on-screen, such as “PUTLOCKER”.
6) Exodus will now attempt to connect to the Source and stream the Movie or TV Show from the Source you selected.
7) If Exodus is successful, the Movie or TV Show will begin playing.
8) In the case that the movie does not start playing (Exodus is unsuccessful), then simply just try another Source. Sometimes it’s necessary to try at least a few Sources before one of them will work.

Wrap Up

If you have questions, ask on the KFire TV YouTube Channel.


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