If you ever commit murder, which of your friends do you trust to help cover you?

If you ever commit murder, which of your friends do you trust to help cover you?

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  1. So the whole plan relies on having your guy in. That’s not exactly rocket science…

    It’s like a very captivating movie with disappointing ending.

  2. > I think I made a mistake and fucking murdered someone.

    > No worries bro, we got your back. We will all put our freedom on the line for your murderous ass and one of us will fucking join the fucking police and make sure that he gets himself into the exactly right fucking team that will be investigating us to help rouse the cops.

    > Are thanks guys, you’re the best friends a murdering scumbag could wish for.

    The End.

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  4. I’d watch the full length movie if they’d ever make it, good stuff!
    Gave off a certain Guy Ritchie vibe, as u/stacktion pointed out and definitely reminded me of the usual suspects.

    Video quality and translations weren’t great but I’m guessing this video’s fan-edited so still kudos to whoever subtitled this, too!

  5. this isnt a prisoners dilemma the way they set it up though.

    the best action for all of them is to remain silent, because they all go free. its only a dilemma if there is a possible dominate action that betrays the other.

    say if they all stayed silent they got 1 year in jail, but if you cooperated you got to go free (at the expense of the others), but if more than one cooperated you all got 5 years in jail — that would be a prisoners dilemma.

  6. I feel like I would’ve enjoyed this more without all the constant jumpcuts.

    I actually got a slight headache from this video because of the erratic editing.

  7. It’s important to note that the Traditional Prisoner’s Dillema dictates that if the two (and it is traditionally two) prisoners both remain silent, they *do* get jail time, but the lowest possible amount. This is what makes the Prisoner’s Dilemma truly significant: That mutual co-operation is *not* a better or equivalent result than getting away with a betrayal.

  8. You don’t need help to dispose of a body. If it’s too big to carry, you just chop it into manageable pieces.

    Never introduce another person into the scenario, unless you are gonna make a hole big enough for two bodies.

  9. Two questions:

    1. Why not feel sad you killed somebody?


    2. Are you that kind of friend who deserves it?

    (I ask because I know someone who would go down for the same friends who betrayed him)

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  11. I liked the story a lot but the editing was uncomfortably fast. There is an inherent tension and suspense built into the story that was completely ruined with every single shot being around 2 seconds long.

  12. So the way to beat it is for one guy to just hang in the police force for years just in case a body is found? This is really a poor idea. Make one guy waste his life in the hope that one day he would maybe be assigned a case?


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