Insane shot at the masters

Insane shot at the masters

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  1. “I uhhh meant to do that. Yea… Go me!”

    edit: I just realized if it hadn’t landed right in the cup, this would have been a pretty bad shot and probably bounced into the rough.

  2. That’s amazing and all, but can I ask an honest question? Isn’t that actually a bit of a bad shot, but a lucky one? I mean, when you’re shooting for the hole, you’re not shooting to land IN the hole, but to land before or behind it to allow the ball to roll into the hole.

    Unquestionably lucky for sure! (I’ve never done it).

  3. i know nothing about golf, which makes this a guess but wouldnt that be a bad shot for a golfer? wouldnt they be aiming in front of the hole slightly so if they end up lining the shot up perfectly it rolls into the hole instead of this swoosh shot this guy makes

  4. Wait until augmented sports pop up. Where they actually pride the enhancements , no matter the type. Sports now are just more of the same. I want to see 600 yard bounce shot hole in one attempts while viewing it in a VR headset from a drone Point of View.


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