Inspector Gadget: Magic Gadget (Full Episode) | 266

Inspector Gadget: Magic Gadget (Full Episode) | 266
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Inspector Gadget is the world’s first bionic policeman. Our bumbling detective is equipped with an incredible array of gadgets to help him in his never-ending battles against crime and corruption!

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Comment (11)

  1. This was the Season 2 premiere and the 66th episode in the series. I'm surprised that they updated the intro from the first season.

  2. So, no slide of hand, they actually stabbed him multiple times and sawed him in half. And he lived…how?

    Okay then.

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  4. Nothing can hurt Gadget because he is a robot cop and his gadgets usually help him when he is in peril.

  5. This is a classic cartoon. How many of you thought the two Inspector Gadget movies were rip-offs?


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