LOTR cast make fun of Orlando Bloom

LOTR cast make fun of Orlando Bloom

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  1. So, if you have the DVD’s, the behind the scenes/special features are full of this sort of stuff. This is the only set of movies I’ve actually gone through and watched everything. Over 7 years of productions, there’s a *ton* of stories to tell.

  2. Love LOTR, but the next big franchise that needs to come out is WOT. If someone picked that up and produced it at the quality of LOTR they’d be rich…

    WOT = Wheel of Time

  3. I’m a straight male, but something tells me that if Vigo leaned over and spoke into my ear with that voice – so that his breath was actually on my neck – I would become partially erect.

  4. My favourite bit is from the hobbits’ commentary from the fellowship a d they’re telling the story of Sean Bean not wanting to go in the helicopter.

    I can imagine him saying in his Yorkshire accent ‘fuck that I’ll walk’.

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  6. I have this ritual i do twice a year: Watch the entirety of the LOTR in a row. The Extended edition. 12 hours over the course of a weekend. Turn off the phone, order a pizza. Invite some friends. So much fun

  7. If you have the extended editions I highly recommend watching them with the actor’s commentary on Billy Boyd and Dom Monaghan essentially spend their segments taking the piss out of Orlando well worth a watch.

  8. Dominic Monaghan has to be one of the funniest guys I’ve ever seen. Every time I see him in interviews or LOTR related stuff he is hilarious.

  9. ITT, a lot of people who have never had a serious rib injury.. It is SO painful, it makes it tough to even breathe without pain..god forbid you have to bend in the midsection or cough.

  10. Quote Aragorn:

    >It is about sucking it up and standing by your fellow man, elf, dwarf, hobbit, or wizard, and giving it your best shot. And he certainly did. He certainly did.

  11. Ok, time for a complete re-view of the entire behind-the-scenes DVDs. Now, if only I could find a machine with an optical reader…


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