Maestro’s Gadget Unbalanced? – Rainbow Six Siege

Can Maestro’s auto turret gadget be balanced in Rainbow Six Siege with the new Italian season?

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  1. Interesting video. It could be that the turret has limited ammo. Also, maybe he will have to do something to activate it, so he can’t be too far away from it. I’m excited to see how these operators turn out.

  2. It should be remote controlled like a valk cam and he should have to they should only do about 10 hp maybe per shot and headshots should be a knock but not a kill but this is just what i believe should happen.

  3. It would be nice to be AI controled but if you want to control it from phone and to have diferent ammo like bullets,flashes(like blitz does), concusion, etc

  4. Loooool they proper wrecked this game and it's only getting worse . The devs are shit at this game and they bring out ops for them self , fuck this game if I wanted heros I'd play overwatch … so fucking gay

  5. No no no. I did not leave Overwatch and start playing siege to hear the distant voice line of “MOLTEN CORE” in my headset and get one tapped by his shitty turret. No.

  6. My thought for Maestro with proper balance is to have two-three miniature turrets about the size of symetra's from overwatch. The way it can function is not by sight, but ranged motion. It can be mounted on walls, floors, tables, and certain reachable surfaces and ceilings. The range should be reletively small, about the size of an operator's personal space only working in range. It should only have a few vector-machine gun speed rounds that can only take off 1 damage over time.

    Counters: IQ should have an immediate scan (Obviously) and Thatcher should entirely take it out.
    I feel like a few shots should destroy it from any gun. And have the ability, like Alibi's holos to be scanned like any other enemy.

  7. I think a great way to off the bat balance it would make it have a visible laser that sweeps back and forth. That would allow attackers to have a good idea of it's range and an approximate of its location. Combine this with a half second lockon time, and it can be easily taken out.

  8. We have not seen any statistics or even what it shoots. This is an insane leap forward, as we have seen absolutelty no gameplay. It may just even shoog a stunning shot.

  9. A leaked image from four Chan (not sure if real or not) but basically it showed that his turret would be indestructible when it can’t detect someone, but when someone comes into view it will attack. Another interesting thing was that the turret zaps. This leads me to believe it will do 10 damage at a time similar to twitch. Well anyways it was from four Chan and I don’t know how credible that image is

    Edit: I think it may be used to alert you to the presence of the enemy since they would have to destroy the turret.

  10. I think its going to be a mix between Tachanka and Echo. A turret thats like tachankas but has to be controlled by the player, like the Yokai drone or the Turrets from CoD (self controlled)

  11. what do you mean its confirmed it will be an auto turret? just a little while ago everyone was saying you had to be on the camera to use it.

    im getting tired of all these fake/not fake leaks and all this speculation. nothing is confirmed so people stop sayin that it is.

  12. i think it will act like a jager ADS but with people having 3 charges only shooting 1 charge per person, dealing 40ish damage like a kapkan trap.

  13. Twich should be able to kill it or a grenade and thatcher can disable.You would just have to use ur drones or IQ. I think it's a great and reasonable idea. It isn't far fetched like finka. I thought that's what they needed for tachanka to buff him. They could make it where it's controlled by a camera, but I feel just a sentry like cod would be great

  14. The turret might shoot shotgun shells so it probs have bad range but good close range which seems a bit balance, and the evidence that its gonna shoot shells is that maestro has a belt of shells on him

  15. It's been leaked that maestro can control the turret from his phone where he access cams. Either it's automated or not isn't sure

  16. I like the turret idea but I believe it should have went to the lord and make the operator have to control it threw phone

  17. I feel like it will be at least unable to rotate far at all probably worse then the mount LMG. Or they can make it kinda like a drone where it's automated in the sense that you don't have to mount the weapon and be in danger


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