Man jogs upside down to attract wild Emus. I don’t know why.

Man jogs upside down to attract wild Emus. I don’t know why.

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  1. Emus are inquisitive fucks, and I’ve had groups of them walk through my camp. Only trouble was, they try to knock off anything they can grab. Bastards.

  2. Probably because emus are dumb as fuck. If you were driving down that road from the video the emus would probably run along the road to get away from you instead of going into the bush.

  3. Not an expert or anything, but I’m guessing that the emus recognize him as a predator when he’s standing/upright. But when he’s lying on the ground and peddling his legs, he resembles resting emus that are bobbing their heads around. I’m not sure how good their eyesight is. From a distance his feet look like their heads, his legs look like their necks, and his body looks like their body. So they are less threatened. Plus, they’re curious because he doesn’t look exactly “right” for an emu but is less threatening in that position, so they check him out. Really great video!

  4. I was like, “There is something about the way he’s moving his legs. I wonder if that is good for your leg muscles? It looks interesting, such a calm…… almost mesmerizing motion, ….”

    Whoa! Snap out of it. Am emu, apparently.

  5. This is playing off of the Emus very VERY short term memory. They are scared of him, until he does the leg thing. They then have already forgotten they were afraid and are intrigued by what it is. This is the definition of stupid in the animal kingdom.

  6. I’m not gonna lie.
    If I see a dude doing the bicycle in the middle of the road, in the middle of nowhere i’ll probably go see what’s up

  7. We used to raise emu on our ranch. They killed any bird or animal that would come into their pens. When they were angry, they would jump up and try to gut you with their feet. Fucking awesome creatures though, they’re so wild looking.

    Fun facts: The eggs are large and dark green. The chicks have spots, like a fawn.
    My mother would make a small hole in the eggs and empty them out, then paint them and give them away as gifts. Miss those ranch days more and more.


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