Modular Furniture – Shape and Function

Modular furniture – Shape and function

One of the key things in the concept and in this project as such is the word (term) multi-functionality and universality. The aim which is set in this project is to come to the modular system as a functional unit (a shelf), which can be separated and in such a way provide a set, a table, a chair, a couch.
In the phase of shaping and searching for the ideal form of modular system furniture (where every side and every angle would be compatible with one another) I come back to the term of a grid in design which was ever present in the circles of Ulm school of design, Olt Aicher, Max Bill, Thomas Maldonado, and frequent in the graphic design of Karl Gerstner who belongs to the Swiss school of graphic design.
Because of its practicability grid as such is very practical for further shaping development of this kind of design.
As a final product of the research I come to the product, which in modular system looks like a shelf, and by separating it one can make a set (a table, a chair, elements of the table, a couch).

The result of the final research is the set composed of four different elements, which all together make one whole product (shelves), and when separated one can get a table, a chair, reclining chair for legs.
A user of this product can make the formation of the elements as he/she wants, and it is exactly this fact which shows the advantage of modular design, because it offers more possibilities.
The final product is a set of furniture for different purposes which can be transformed from one used object to another.
The set is made of wooden plaques which are joint. The joints are additionally fixed whith drvofix (special glue for wood). The elements are painted with acryl mat paint on a water basis.

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