My mom’s reaction to hearing my dad win Guns N’ Roses tickets on the radio

My mom’s reaction to hearing my dad win Guns N’ Roses tickets on the radio

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  1. Don’t lease your video to any third parties! It’s going to go viral on its own and anyone requesting to buy the rights is just trying to profit off you.

    You’re gonna get bombarded with messages from third party people.

  2. Saw them at slane at the weekend, honestly greatest gig I have ever been to! Axel was on fire, absolutely killed it! if I could I would go again.

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  4. She actually looks like she could be part of their road crew, she looks like guns and roses mega fan. Slap a bandanna on her and some give her a joint and she could easily play the tambourine.

  5. I wish i liked music this much. I’ve been to several, but i never really got into the concert thing, i really just don’t understand how people freak out like this. To me its nice to go, but id be just as happy, if not more, doing other stuff.

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