NEW ORDER – Shelving elements for HAY

Filmed and edited by SDO/ Jonathan Mauloubier & Denis Bulut ©2013 – Munich

New Order provides a basic shelving grid made of a variety of colored, cast and extruded aluminum profiles. The boards come in two different heights allowing the structure being used pretty much in a universal way. The higher, 80mm trays are ideal for storing or presenting all sorts of smaller, bigger or irregular objects, the regular shelves are ideal for books and files.

Wooden screens can be added effortless at any time and without any tools. Same for the doors, which are simply clipped into the profiles. Moreover, the grid does not have a particular orientation. Doors and screens can be attached on any side what makes New Order a space-creating and space-dividing system.
Almost invisible fittings and hinges from polypropylene make this possible in a way that has not yet been seen in furniture design before. The grid is allowing a wide range of dimensions by combining only a few different parts. This is making New Order an economically attractive solution for many standard applications in an office or domestic context.

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