Newest Restaurant at Aria Las Vegas

Cathedrale Restaurant
newest restaurant at aria las vegas

Come along with us as we try out the newest restaurant at Aria Las Vegas – Cathedrale.

Lobster, Truffles, Lamb, Crepes, and a whole lot more

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Comment (37)

  1. I’ve seen a handful of reviews on this place recently that are not nearly as kind. The food did look good, other than those lamb chops that, I agree, were way overcooked, even for medium. Either of you think about getting the $70 martini in an ice block? 😮

  2. That thump thump thump thump would drive me crazy. Had to stop half way through. You guys do great food reviews but the music is annoying after about 5 minutes. Don't care too much for the ladies in victorian outfits. Would be better if they just had a bunch of naked women walking around and they made it look like a bordello!

  3. loud music you can't talk over is not my idea of a classy restaurant. Disappointed they went for noise as otherwise, it looks great. But when I can't hear myself over the noise – get me out of there. Sage which was there before was my favorite and disappointed this isn't equal to that

  4. Beautiful place for sure! I could care less about yet another nightclub but the restaurant is awesome looking. Personally, I think more table side Showgirl shows are needed in Las Vegas. Like maybe instead of a side of ranch, maybe a side of Showgirls with your Secret Pizza slice. 🍕 😅

  5. Once again I just love you guys. Omg that crepe Suzette looked to die for. You may never stop taking us to dinner with you. I get happy when I see you have a new video out. Uh oh I might be showing my age because I’m not sure they’re called videos 🤪

  6. GREAT opening – the montage of pics going back and forth to Rachel!! Very good!! And those fresh cut fries…the shoestring cut is my jam…I would never leave McDonalds if the fries were fresh cut. LOL THANK YOU for another great video!! 🙂🙂🙂🙂

  7. Glad you tried Cathedrale. Went in June. Loved it. Those lamb chops were amazing (but I did medium rare). That fig, mint tapenade knocked me out how good it was. Also had the truffle pasta and the lemon dessert. Will be back in September…that was the one "can we go back there" request.

  8. Great video of a great restaurant! I totally agree with your assessment. We did both Atelier Joel Robuchon (at beginning of trip) and Cathedrale (end of trip) . I'm sure I'll keep these 1 and 2 until we eat at either Picasso or Le Cirque.


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