Our FIRST MARTABAK manis in Jakarta – Best Indonesia Street Food Dessert

We ate our first Martabak manis in Jakarta and it is one of the best Indonesia street food dessert!
In this Jakarta vlog, we present the famous manis Martabak and Martabak keju – which we didn’t like.
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Once you arrive in Jakarta you will quickly learn that Jakarta Food is great! The Indonesian food is super tasty and we have the feeling, that Jakarta street food is the way to go to explore the Jakarta Dessert Martabak. What is your favorite Indonesian street food or Jakarta dessert street food? We are super excited to know and explore even more the Indonesian food culture 🙂
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00:00 Preview of martabak manis Indonesia
00:14 Martabak manis street food vlog
01:21 Arriving at Martabak Pecenongan 78
02:24 Martabak Jakarta price
03:14 Making of Jakarta Martabak
04:34 Martabak manis reaction
07:25 Indonesia dessert opinion
08:29 Instagram stories
If you made it that far, I appreciate you. Thank you for sticking around. You are awesome.
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  1. Mereka jujur dalam mereview makanan, khususnya martabak, memang benar, kebanyakan orang Indonesia pun begitu, kalo kebanyakan makan martabak jadi eneg, apalagi sekarang negtren martabak terang bulan yang kejunya ampe berkilo-kilo, saya pun gatau kenapa, tp dulu martabak indonesia rasanya tidak seperti martabak zaman sekarang.


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