Palletroom Design

This is a video of a design project consist to product all furniture for an economics work room, with recycle pallets. By dismantling the pallet completely, I made a module with can be use for making all the basic furniture for a room: chair, desk, stool, bookcase and bed. Today pallet are all certificate are all certificate (EUR), and so the quality of the materials is garanted and, at the same time conforms to international standard sizes. This makes optaning complete, modular and easy to assemble furniture possible in any part of the world. For this I made a website, universal platform and global audience, from which you can download completely free all the instructions necessary to break from the pallet, to all those in the design of each individual furnishing. Anybody will be able to build all this furniture at home without going to the shop. This project strongly support recycling raw materials like wood, those contributing to a reduction in deforestation, today fundamental for the balance of the hole envoirment.
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