Pepsi Saves the World

Pepsi Saves the World

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  1. Coca cola has been doing the same thing for years, their tagline was #ChooseHappiness for a while. Back in the day they even ran ads with hippies coming together and sharing a coke with each other

  2. I thought Ethan was smarter than this. Why are we hating on a video trying to promote peace. Yes it’s purely for reputation/promotional reasons but at the end of the day what’s wrong with that? This isn’t a big deal, I thought the video was going to be about how stupid it is that this advert was pulled.

  3. Pespi knew what the fuck they were doing, look at all the people making Pepsi ads for them now for free, I have seen more Pepsi shit this week good or bad than I have in years.

    Pepsi marketing is smarter than the people making parody ads for them.

  4. I still don’t understand how Coca Cola is barely mentioned. They have been rolling out commercials just as bad if not worse than Pepsi’s recent one for years now, hell it’s even sensible to say Pepsi followed Coca Cola’s footsteps in that regard. Yet they’re completely off the hook.

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  6. They’re “Donald Trumping” their marketing campaign, be controversial enough to stir up a dialogue and the rest of the media will promote your product for free!

  7. The problem with the Pepsi advert is that it presents a world of ethnicities and sexualities living under white male fascism and implies your depth of moral character is a function of your sexy genetics.

    To hell with that.

  8. Honestly, I usually love H3H3 but I must be missing something here. To me this commercial doesn’t seem any more obvious or pandering than any other similar commercial in recent years. Like yeah it’s pretty bad but many other commercials are just as bad.

  9. I honestly don’t see what so bad about this ad? Yes it makes no sense and it’s pretty weird but I honestly don’t get the controversy about it. Pepsi apologizing for making a bad advert? This is fucking insane, Americans are fucking insane.


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