Petals Rang The Bell “Strange Furniture” – Official Music Video

Strange Furniture, by Petals Rang the Bell, from Petals Rang the Bell (2011).
Video conceived, directed, shot, and chopped by Michael Foxtrot Johnson.
Visual Effects by Dan Wallace.
Special Thanks to Chris Kotcher @ GRTV, and Nick Dean @ Skyward Visual.
Extra Special Thanks to Unpaid Actors: Leslie Austin, Jon Reeder, Kelly Reeder, Scott Middendorf, Erick Beebe.

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PRTB’s “Strange Furniture” gets a surreal video treatment to accompany singer Shane Tripp’s surreal lyrics courtesy of Michael Foxtrot Johnson.

The video opens with drummer Ben Weissenborn and ladyfriend leaving the house shortly before bandmate Tripp breaks in and makes himself at home. As he gets ready to settle in for some TV he see’s a distorted version of himself and gets sucked into the telly in what I like to think is a bit of a nod to Cronenberg’s Videodrome.

Inside the TV, Tripp finds himself in a television studio/dreamworld where he’s playing with his band on a soundstage and simulataneously milling about, taking in the crazy scene. The sequence subtly recalls silent film-era shorts with its imagery of a shiny cardboard fishhook being lowered from above, the sudden, unexplained danger of a pursuing authority figure, and the damsel in distress. I’ll spare the details of the climax, but suffice it to say that when Ben gets home he is not happy with what Shane has been doing to the couch.

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