Pickles, Probiotics, and Why Rotten Food Is Good For You

Probiotics eat our food for us and help us digest. Gross? Or amazing?? Hank explains why we need bacteria and how cool it is.

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are enzymes? Enzyme description:

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Comment (33)

  1. And my parents kept warning me about how fermented food is bad, after reading some morons on the internet, I ask them why they are like it is rotten food it is bad. You can't fix stupidity.

  2. there may be more bacteria cells in us then human cells, but the human cells are much bigger, which is why we look like humans instead of lumps of smelly goo

  3. Pickles are basically rotten food. Our early ancestors probably ate rotten food because they have no other choice. I'm sure our first ancestors got sick or even died from that good bacteria. But over time, human and good bacteria started to create a symbiotic relationship that mutually benefit both parties.

  4. I know they're good for me and I know there's already a gazillion bacteria inside me and all that, but every time I try to buy probiotics I see "guaranteed live cultures" and I can't do it. Hank's "partially-digested rotting food" explanation didn't help.

  5. the best sour pickles I have ever had were my grandmother's fermented pickles. I remember as a child putting my hand through the jaw when was a little bit of cheesy stuff onto the top and I didn't care. I know make kimchi and fermented pickles and sauerkraut I love anything fermented.:-)

  6. So if there are ten times as many bacterium in/on our bodies as cells making up our bodies, then would it be fair to say that some percentage of our bodies is not really OURS?? If so, how much might that be in a normal person?
    I started writing this comment before the last few lines of the video = |

  7. my extremely german grandmother made sauerkraut once and it made me gag
    dont know how people can handle being near those smells, much less EAT something that smells rotten…

  8. I looove these nutritional science videos!! I watch health & nutrition videos on Youtube all the time, but they're usually someone's personal experience with some kind of diet without any real science to back it up. Don't get me wrong, I love watching people get healthy and their journey but some of them preach their diet like gospel to the masses when it might actually not be good for some people. Keep up the good work guys, I would love to see more of these!! <3

  9. Weird: Lactobacillus probiotics usually give me bloody diarrhea 🙁 But, the probiotic yogurt at Trader Joe's that has 6 different bacteria other than Lactobacillus actually helps me 🙂


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