Pitch Reality TV Shows with 5 Magic Words

How to Pitch a Reality Show – Ultimate Guide http://producingunscripted.com/how-to-pitch-a-reality-show/

Pitch and sell reality tv shows, documentary series, and unscripted television using five magic words. Learn how and team up with us to get your concepts on TV.

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0:08 This Episode on Producing Unscripted, the Make Reality TV Shows and Documentary Series podcast…

0:48 TMI from Biagio? Separation anxiety.
1:56 Today we’ll give you five words that you can use to sound like a pro.
2:31 They are: self-contained, arced, format, docu, hybrid.
2:52 Joke’s very first question any time you pitch
3:19 Self-Contained or Arced
5:51 Qualities of arced reality TV shows and documentary series
6:00 Qualities of self-contained reality TV shows and doc series
6:09 Format, Docu, or Hybrid
6:21 What is a Format?
8:39 What is Docu?
9:54 What is Hybrid?
11:16 Hybrid case study: Our documentary series MTV’s Caged
13:22 Format case study: Our IFC show Commercial Kings
13:37 Arced Format case study: Our VH1 show Scream Queens
15:04 Next Episode: spotting great reality tv characters and documentary subjects.

Next YouTube enhanced podcast ep: Reality TV Characters – Six Must-Have Traits: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kG9Bhzg9MSI

This episode of Producing Unscripted, the Make Reality TV and Documentary Series Podcast:

The 5 magic words and how to use them when you pitch reality tv shows, doc series, or unscripted television specials

The very first question Joke will ask you when you pitch reality tv shows to her (better know how to answer it!)

The difference between Self-Contained and Arced shows, with specific examples, and how you can figure it out yourself.

Format, Docu, Hybrid — how these words mix with Self-Contained and Arced to properly present a show concept, and why you need to know.

Why success pitching reality tv shows and doc series is giving Biagio separation anxiety.

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