Probably The Weirdest Gadget Yet…

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Here’s a weird one… This gadget allows you to read while lying down. The Lazy Reader glasses claim to provide a comfortable reading experience. So does the gadget deliver or Does It Suck?

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  1. Those were pretty handy when I broke my neck. If your tv is in front of your feet ,you just lay down and you can watch tv whille you are looking straight up.
    They are called prismatic glasses

  2. i bought them after watching this video..they do not suck..just take a little getting used to. Now i can watch my wall mounted tv while lying down

  3. Our body use 4 "sensors" to calculate our position: 1) visual information, 2) touch information, 3) vestibular information (the accelerometer inside your ears), 4) proprioceptive information (the felling of the positions of your body, even closing your eyes you should know if your arms are up or down). If the information doesn't match in one of these "sensors" you will fell drowsiness. Sorry about the bad English


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