Rainbow Six Siege – In Depth: Season 2 Guns & Gadgets

Rainbow Six Siege – In Depth: Season 2 Guns & Gadgets
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  1. Found a image of what I think is the new operator in my Collector Edition Guide, made a video about it if anyone wants to look.

  2. Maybe the dazzler grenade will be similar to the flashbang BUT the operator who deploys it has special goggles that allow him to see perfectly
    counter to glaz.

  3. I love this channel. No clickbait, mature and very informal. Thanks for all your work. We support you ❤️

  4. It is a flash lazer sight for the gun if you are playing dividion you can see that some bosses with snipers have the laser the claster mine and all the mines maybe will be gadgets for attackers also tocic mine will be a mine that will explode a toxic poison that you will losing health hope im right

  5. I watched a vid from a youtuber with around 900 subs who talked about the attacker having a remington and the defender will have a AR the sg 516 as well as the guns Iceycat talked about. Is this true? I havent seen anyone ous talk about this so Im not sure.

  6. You honestly have the most truthful information about the siege community. The best account to go to for siege tips.

  7. Man, I don't know how I feel about these ops, kind of like we're already stretching for ideas. I really don't want ANOTHER trap op(and potentially even hidden traps), and just regular team gadget traps as well. And, I don't even know about dazzler, it sounds either useless or OP. I do really like the guns though.

  8. what if all of those mines are for caltrop but in the operator selection screen it has you pick two out of the four mines

  9. Looking for players to play ranked with silver and above please and playstation only. Message me psn: rogueassassin132

  10. If it's going to be a "strob like" grande it's would both stun the other team and you at the time…so you wouldn't be able to enter the room.

  11. I know this isn't any of my business iceycat but how much money in total did you spend on digital content and r6 credit packs? again, This is non of my business so I will understand if you don't reply.

  12. me: wow siege is growing and I have so much to learn!
    Iceycat: *crouches under Kapkan trap
    me: WTF!?

  13. I can`t wait until the operators come out. This is because I was born and raised in Hong Kong and moved here in 2010( i am 13) and this is just very exciting for me.


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