See Saw Do – Furniture design

See Saw Do was commissioned by VPUU to design a set of furniture and shelving units for a container based toy library & youth space.

Checkout our blog post for the design process and final documentation.!Design-Process-Toy-Library/kba7q/56434ff70cf2e1ca27935be5

The toy library is aimed at equipping the various ECD programs within Lotus Park by providing educational resources as well as a facility to run learning programs. Working within the small confines of a container called for space-saving furniture that could be used as both storage and a ECD learning environment.

All of the furniture is made with basic tools & materials accessible at most hardware stores. We used 8mm holes, galvanised bolts, standard 32mm x 32mm battens and plywood sheets. The accessible design aims to educate the user on a simple method of building with the hope of inspiring creative DIY’ers.

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