Snack Recipes – How to Make Homestyle Potato Chips

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Watch how to make homemade potato chips. These crispy chips are fun and easy to make—even easier if you have a mandoline or food processor. They add just the right crunch to lunch.

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Comment (36)


    I'd use a mandolin and slice them OVER the oil. Saves you the extra steps of

    -filling a bowl of water
    -dump chips into water
    -lay potato out one by one to dry them
    -pat them down to rid of access water O.o


  2. Hi I am preparing potato chips at home of nearly 20kg potatos…
    I have soaked them yesterday night and now I am about to boil them … but it seems there are chances of rain here at our place … so They might not get dried up … in this case what shall I do? Shall I soak them till sun comes out or boil them ? So that the potatos do not get spoil … thanks in advance ..

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