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  1. The outcry from the format of the video (a vlog– how can it be?!?) is going to be bigger than the discussion of the actual content of the video (which was interesting, in my opinion).

  2. Wow Myke Hurley has really influenced Grey pretty hard. Gotta say this came completely out of the left field. And boy oh boy am I looking forward to hearing him talk about this on the podcasts!

  3. Why was he in Vegas? I watched for a while, and was just wondering what the point of the video was, then turned it off. Probably won’t be a popular response.

  4. Anyone else feel relaxed while watching this vlog? If most vlogs are like this, I may check them out. Here’s hoping Grey does more, cause he did a great job!

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  6. I saw that weird green plane out my way out of London a couple of weeks ago and I had almost the same reaction. What the fuck is that thing?

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  8. “…I’ve brought sleeping pills of unconsciousness. They’re blue, as all such pills are legally required to be.”

    [Except in Italy, where sedatives can’t be blue because it detracts from their perceived efficacy.]( Blue is a stimulating color to many Italians due to its association with their football (soccer) team. Just thought I’d share this fun bit of trivia on [the Placebo Effect.](

  9. So I’ve never actually been in Vegas or known too much about it, but seeing this vlog makes me realise that I recognise most of it just by knowing Las Venturas from San Andreas.

    Never even thought that weird castle and big pyramid would actually exist. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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