Simon Ridge – Alien: Isolation – Alien Locomotion Reel

In-game animation of the Alien’s locomotion. A large part of the Alien’s gameplay revolved around him being able to go anywhere at any speed. A three dimensional blended solution was developed to which I provided assets for and iterated upon to achieve the game requirements. The goal here was not only to make sure we […]

Simon Ridge – Alien: Isolation – Animation Reel

The best of my animation work from Alien: Isolation. I was responsible for animating the Alien, both for gameplay and in-game cinematics. It was one heck of a challenge both artistically and technically, but great fun and a massive privilege to be given this responsibility. See below for reel breakdown: Home Alien: Isolation TM & […]

Alien: Isolation – Alien Reveal

This was the first in-game reveal of the Alien and all animation is this sequence is keyframed by myself. There was a great collaboration of people working on it from conception through to the final piece. Much thanks goes to all my CA colleagues who helped critique this and who were a part of producing […]

PlanetSure: Ugly Furniture

1 My animatic for my screen design class with Jan Carlee at scad! Audio is cut from this video ( by Jason Messina! Main character is my little guy, Casius Walker! Likes: 1 Viewed: 182

Video Game Review: Alien vs Predator

Writer and Voice over for an in depth review on the video game “Alien vs Predator” for the xbox 360 Likes: 0 Viewed: 99 source