The Last Move

Michael Thomasson has devoted his life to video games. It’s been his passion and his obsession for more than three decades. He owns over 11,000 unique game titles for more than 100 different systems. Why? “Because there’s something wrong in the back of my head,” he says. His collection is so large, in fact, it’s […]

Angry Video Game Nerd – Atari Sequence

Rainfall was proud to contribute to the Angry Video Game Nerd movie, by designing the opening animated sequence chronicling the fabled video game industry crash of the 1980s. James “The Nerd” Rolfe has been producing his viral hit videos since 2006, decimating the terrible games of his youth in hilarious reviews; the AVGN movie is […]

Atari Teenage Riot – “Modern Liars” (Official Video)

Here is the new video I directed/animated for Atari Teenage Riot’s “Modern Liars” taken from their forthcoming EP released October 6th. Animated in 4 weeks. The bands intention for the video was as follows “We always wanted to do a video that was an homage to video games in a way, but we also didn’t […]

Gameplay: The Movie /// 2D Animation Montage

“Gameplay” is a feature documentary film on the history of videogames. Almost 5 years in the making, the film spans the time from the technologies origins, to the birth of the arcade games, from “Pong” to “Pac Man” and “Super Mario” to “Lara Croft”, “Doom”, “Grand Theft Auto” and beyond and everything in between as […]

The Evolution of Video Games

The evolution of video games from 1977 to the present. Responsible for all visuals. Programs used: Maxon Cinema 4D Adobe After Effects Likes: 44 Viewed: 6231 source

The Game has Changed – Level 1

Dug this out of the archives and thought I should put it on Vimeo. The Game has Changed is a pilot for a short documentary about the world of videogames. The first episode is a short trip through video game history with a quick summary about the fascinating things of the wonderful medium that is […]

Video Games Arcade

Music: The Club Rules (Kilon Tek Remix | DRIVECLUB OST) Likes: 2 Viewed: 40 source


Wednesday, August 14th, 8pm Cinefamily 611 N Fairfax Ave Los Angeles, CA 90036 Likes: 4 Viewed: 515 source

Elansar for the Atari Jaguar

Elansar is an adventure game, along the lines of “Myst” and “Point & Click” games. I’ve been working on this game on my spare time for about two years, making all the graphics, music, story and programming myself. My goal is to release the game on old computers and video game consoles. Here is the […]

* ATARI Memories *

Um trabalho divertido enquanto não tinha jobs para resolver. ATARI, track, Illustrator e After Effects CS6. Pra quem é da época do Atari 2600, boas lembranças! Pra quem não é, curtam o vídeo! Likes: 32 Viewed: 1662 source