Comic Uno Top 5 DC TV Shows (Topic Video)

Here is my topic video for my Top 5 DC TV shows! Recommended by Austin Hightower. Comic Uno Facebook: Comic Uno’s Twitter: Buy Like Father, Like Daughter #1-3 in print: Buy Like Father, Like Daughter #1-3 on Comixology: Like Father, Like Daughter Website: Media Madness Like Page: source

Top 10 Animated Superhero TV Series

There’s a lot of competition among animated superhero TV shows; these ones muscled their way to the top. Join as we count down our picks for the top 10 animated superhero TV series. Check us out at, and Special thanks to our users sarahjessicaparkerth, enaek, CaptainSandwich, Bestintheworld182, bringbackthe90syeah, ZeRen Wong, Jean […]