Adult Jokes in Kids TV Shows

twitter: letterboxd: Joke explanations: SpongeBob (Intro) – Weiner (penis) blowing up (ejaculating) onto Mr Krabs’ face. Tom and Jerry – Jerry licks the cream (semen) from Tom’s long cream donut. As Tom gets ready to blow into the end, his eyes roll back (orgasm). He then squirts the cream onto Jerry (ejaculate). Postman […]

Transfer TV Shows to your Computer for Free

In this video I will show you how to transfer TV Shows from your DVR to your computer for free, well, unless you need to buy a firewire cable. The link with the software is here: Follow me on twitter for video updates here: source

Sega Dreamcast in HD 720p with Component – Adam Koralik

This is a brief video that explains how to get the Sega Dreamcast to play games in 720p using component cables. Yes really.. Find us on YouTube: Follow us on Facebook: Likes: 1 Viewed: 2693 source

Extreme Trains TV show – Tribute to one of the best train shows

A Railroads Across Maine & More tribute to the popular TV show “Extreme Trains” on the History Channel, that was hosted by Matt Bown a couple years ago. If you like Extreme Trains, & the music scores that were in it, then you’ll probably like this shorter version alot too. Enjoy! source