Top 10 British TV Shows That Need To DIE

Top 10 British TV Shows That Need To DIE Even the best shows should come to an end. And these shows are starting to outstay their welcome. For this list, we’re picking apart British TV schedules to find the programmes that producers should pull the plug on. From TOWIE to Big Brother, with a bit […]

6 Most Frustrating Cliffhangers In Canceled TV Shows

If you’re new, Subscribe! → Ever feel frustrated when a show wraps up before the long summer hiatus and leaves things unresolved? Hey, it’s just a season finale. You’ll get closure when that show returns in the fall. But then there are some long-running TV shows that ended a season on their cliffhanger—and then […]

TV Show or No?

Ellen played a new game with Lisa Kudrow. Can you tell which of these titles is a real show? source