TV Shows Canceled After One Episode

If you’re new, Subscribe! → Some of the best TV series of all time were canceled too soon, but those overlooked classics at least had enough episodes air to build up a fanbase that was devastated when the shows were pulled before their time. Imagine how it must feel to be a creator, producer, […]

25 Of The Best TV Shows That Were CANCELED Too Early

Have you ever felt like some of your favorite TV shows were canceled too early? The first seasons kick off and everything seems fine until abruptly, the show ends. What gives?! Today we’re going to look at 25 of the best TV shows that were canceled too early. There are many reasons why a TV […]

Top 10 TV Shows That Need To Come Back

Top 10 TV Shows That Need To Come Back. There are many TV shows that got canceled because either their contract ended or it just didn’t get enough viewership. However, the TV shows we list here are said to be the most popular and people hope that they come back someday. So here is the […]

HUGE TV Shows CANCELED!!!! – ETC Daily

Yesterday the major US TV networks took an axe to a bunch of TV shows, some of which are loved by critics and fans alike. — Cancelations – Muppets – Agent Carter – — Visit our subreddit: Follow us on Twitter: Tweets by EliotETC Tweets by rickyftw Tweets by MachinimaETC source