EATING ONE COLOR FOOD 24 HOURS! || 1 Color Of Food For A Day by 123 Go! Gold

What’s your favorite color? I bet it’s purple! Well we totally love this color that’s why we gonna eat only purple food today! Join crazy food challenges and watch how to eat only purple and pink food for a whole day, how to enjoy black and white food and shock your friends with blue colored […]

COOL FOOD HACKS FOR REAL FOODIES! || Yummy Kitchen Hacks by 123 Go! Gold

Are you a real fast food lover?🍟🍕Me too! And here’s some awesome life hacks that will make our foodies daily routine much more easier! You’ll know how to eat chips and stay clean, how to hide your favorite food in class and how to sneak food everywhere! Funny food pranks will make your day better, […]