Halo 5

Halo Xbox One Announcment trailer I directed for Microsoft / 343 Industries Production Company Axis Animation Executive Producer Richard Scott Executive Producer Debbie Ross Director/ Editor John Allardice Producer Paula Lacerda Prod. Coordinator Bree Whitford CG Supervisor Sergio Caires Lead artist / Colorist John Barclay Concept Design – Characters Jon Beeston Concept Design – Environments […]

Bioshock Infinite – The B Gamer Review

I write, produce, edit and host this new video game review podcast. All of the gameplay in the video is my own. Many more reviews coming soon, we’re just a week old. I’ll also be covering E3 2013 in two weeks. Enjoy it and share/spread the word around about The B Gamer! Twitter: @thebgamerpod Facebook: […]