Uttaran | उतरन | Ep. 221 | Ichha And Kuki Worried About Paras | इच्छा और कुकी को हुई पारस की चिंता

To download the Voot app, click on this link: https://voot.onelink.me/eIb4/9b2f5423 To subscribe to this channel go to: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=colorstv Divya requests Sumitra to not visit Jogi at the hospital. Ichha and Kuki are worried about Paras. Ichha and Veer meet on the road. Uttaran is a story of two friends hailing from drastically different backgrounds. Tapasya […]

Dhund | Episode 1 | Mystery Series | TV One Drama | 15th July 2017

Dhund Episode 1 TV One Drama Starring Maria Wasti, Mohammad Ahmed, Hasan Ahmed. Written by : Mohammed Ahmed Directed by :Faiz Produced by : Erum Binte Shahid It’s dead men walking or is it imagination… Maria can see dead people. Among them is her grandfather Nana Syed who is also her close confidante. But many […]